Senior Citizens covered on the Annual Financial Assistance are the following:

(1) Those who are Sixty-Five (65) years old and above beginning the calendar year 2020 (January 01, 2020 – Dece,ber 31, 2020);

(2) Those Senior Citizens holding an Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) Identification Card or those reflected at the OSCA Master List;

(3) Those Senior Citizens who are registered voters of Davao City;

(4) Those Senior Citizens who are members of Senior Citizens Organization duly recognized by OSCA and CSWDO;

(5) In case of those Senior Citizens who are BED-RIDDEN and failed to register at the COMELEC and OSCA due to illness and Covid-19 pandemic, he or she or his/her representative shall present the following:

(a) Barangay Certification that he/she is a registered voter and duly concurred by the CSWDO Barangay Social Worker of the place; and

(b) CSWDO Certification that he/she is qualified

(6)The Senior Citizens must be listed on the masterlist duly prepared by the OSCA and CSWDO in the specified year.