Pasko Fiesta 2019 for Indigenous People ended with various activities last December 16, 2019. Around 35,000 Indigenous People living in Marilog, Paquibato & Baguio Districts participated in the closing ceremonies in the different shelter areas : Baguio District : Tambobong Brgy. Gym ; Marilog District: Salumay Brgy. Gym, Upper Kibalang Brgy. Gym, Marilog Proper Brgy. Gym, Suawan Brgy. Gym; Paquibato District: Malabog Brgy. Gym, Pañalum Brgy. Gym, Colosas Brgy. Gym, Mapula Brgy. Gym & Tapak Brgy. Gym.
Maria Luisa T. Bermudo, Department Head II thanked all the CSSDO Staff, and other agencies for making Pasko Fiesta 2019 successful.
Punong Barangays and the Indigenous People sent their appreciation and thanks to Mayor Sara Z. Duterte for making their  Christmas more joyful & meaningful.