Granting Annual Financial Assistance to All Qualified Senior Citizens of Davao City (4)

The grant of annual financial assistance is to support the senior citizens in the cost of their maintenance for medicines and other expenses relative to their health.

The financial assistance is in the minimum amount of One Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (₱1, 500.00) only.

The financial assistance shall be given to the Senior Citizens annually.

Senior Citizens covered on the Annual Financial Assistance are the following:

(1) Those who are Sixty-Five (65) years old and above beginning the calendar year 2020 (January 01, 2020 – Dece,ber 31, 2020);

(2) Those Senior Citizens holding an Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) Identification Card or those reflected at the OSCA Master List;

(3) Those Senior Citizens who are registered voters of Davao City;

(4) Those Senior Citizens who are members of Senior Citizens Organization duly recognized by OSCA and CSWDO;

(5) In case of those Senior Citizens who are BED-RIDDEN and failed to register at the COMELEC and OSCA due to illness and Covid-19 pandemic, he or she or his/her representative shall present the following:

(a) Barangay Certification that he/she is a registered voter and duly concurred by the CSWDO Barangay Social Worker of the place; and

(b) CSWDO Certification that he/she is qualified

(6)The Senior Citizens must be listed on the masterlist duly prepared by the OSCA and CSWDO in the specified year.

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